Parties where puppies get to join in the fun!

Lisa Lollipop could attend your child’s or puppy’s next birthday party!

2018 is the year of the dog and to celebrate we will be launching our new Puppy Parties!

Bring your puppy along to our ‘puppy themed parties’ for children, adults and puppies.

Two hours of fun with puppy themed face paints for children, an hour of puppy training fun and games including; duck duck doggy, play fetch, assault course, sit, stay and play. Please bring your usual doggy treats along to the party, to keep your puppy motivated.

The last half an hour is saved for party food and there’s even a party picnic of water and snack bowls for each puppy!

Each child attending gets to name and take home their adopted soft toy puppy at the end of the party.




Prep your party to pop!


Our party entertainer Maxi Rafferty, sits down for an interview and answers your questions about how to prep well to make the most of your party.

“Children’s birthday parties don’t have to be a stressful occasion for families. In fact the simple structures work out the best in my experience.”

 Where do I start?

“The first step in planning for your birthday child’s party is to set a party date in good time, lots of venues and entertainers will be happy to save your date at least three months in advance.

We have online bookings made straight away for the following year but understand that not everyone is this organised and you don’t really need to be. Think in terms of booking for next season and you shouldn’t go wrong; In spring – plan for summer parties, in summer – plan for Autumn parties etc..

Most families choose to book a local venue rather than having a smaller party in their home, meaning more space, easy parking and no friends are left uninvited. Larger parties of over 20 children are fine for most entertainers to manage to control. Sometimes having so many children can leave a shy birthday child a little overwhelmed when a smaller party within the home may have been a more comfortable option for them.”


Party structure?

“Go for a three hour booking for your hall; 30 minutes either side of a two hour party.

It’s best to be able to enter your venue 30 minutes before the children arrive so that you can set up your hall, blow up balloons and hang decorations. Don’t be tempted to put the heating on full thinking that the children will be cold, they’ll soon be running around playing. Keeping the room cool can make a world of difference to children’s enthusiasm. Even if you have a magic show and the children are sitting down, the room will still warm up with all the body heat.

We generally see children sitting for food for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you’ve booked entertainment, will it run for the full two hours? Some magicians or puppet shows last an hour, leaving 30 minutes of free time.

Don’t worry about trying to provide extra ‘entertainment’ as children are wonderfully happy to play tag by themselves, bounce balloons or dance to some music.

If you did want something else you could try your hand at some simple face painting, glitter and temporary tattoos, provide an arts and craft table or some sports equipment set up for the first 30 minutes while the children all arrive.”


How to avoid party stresses?

“Simple wins every time, don’t aim for complicated perfection because children really can’t be perfect all the time but they can have simple fun. Traditional party games have stood the test of time and there’s nothing better than watching family and friends join in too! Their birthday party is going to create memories so let them remember being chased by you while playing ‘Duck, duck, goose’ or racing you to the floor in ‘musical bumps’. Please do join in the fun!”

Lisa Lollipop Children’s Entertainer – Job vacancy for Assistant Entertainer in Aberdeen

Lisa Lollipop is looking for an enthusiastic, creative person to join our children’s entertainment team in Aberdeen City & Shire.

A cheerful but motivated person is required who has experience of working with children and who can work well without supervision. Full training will be given.

This post is subject to checks by Disclosure Scotland. All applicants will be required to be registered under the Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme (PVG) and to disclose any information about any offences and/or convictions held, or circumstances that could prevent them taking up a position working with children.

Casual working hours – mostly weekends.

A car owner is essential.

Please e-mail your CV and covering letter to:

Or alternatively call 077487 53073 for more information

Newsletter Bunny Hunt Answers


Did you find all five Easter Bunnies in our latest newsletter?

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Well Done for finding all the Easter Bunnies!  Here are the five Easter Bunnies marked for you to check against.

Well Done for finding all the Easter Bunnies!
Here are the five Easter Bunnies marked for you to check against.

998…999… 1,000 Lisa Lollipop parties and counting


Lisa Lollipop, children’s entertainment business has inspired hundreds of children each year with its unique party packages. The business is now celebrating reaching the 1,000 parties mark, equating to c. 5,000 local children having met Lisa Lollipop.

Business expansion means there are definite plans to take on more employees in the next month.  Lisa Lollipop provides entertainment for children at private parties, schools, hospitals and corporate events within the Aberdeen City & Shire area of Scotland.

Lisa Lollipop employees take on the appearance and persona of the fairytale like ‘Lisa Lollipop’ character.  Since the businesses inception in 2009, the Lisa Lollipop character has gained a high degree of popularity and achieved strong brand recognition.

Families from Aberdeen City and Shire book their children’s birthday parties with Lisa Lollipop year after year.  No truer can be said of the Morgan family from Balmedie, Aberdeenshire. Their first party for eldest daughter Lucy was in February 2012 when Lucy was just four years old and each year from then Lisa Lollipop has joined in with the family celebrations. Lucy’s most recent party celebrated her seventh birthday and she’s already planning for her eighth.

Caroline Morgan, Lucy’s mum, says her youngest daughter has now been asking for a Lisa Lollipop party too;

“It would be amazing if you were available in July for Abbie’s 4th birthday. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Ever since Lucy’s birthday she has talked about her own Lisa Lollipop party!”

Lisa Mann, Lisa Lollipop founder, says;

“It’s wonderful to be a part of so many children’s birthday memories. This is especially true when each year Lisa Lollipop is invited back to share the children’s special day.”

How many Spots? – Competition to ‘Spot’ the Lisa Lollipopmobile

If you are lucky enough to ‘Spot’ the Lollipopmobile when you are out and about then you are in with a chance to win a FREE Lisa Lollipop Party worth up to £155!!

What you need to do….

Count ALL the colourful spots on the Lollipopmobile, including the ones around the logo!

This does not include the spots on Lisa Lollipop’s dress – That’s just taking things too far, you’d be there all week counting those! :o)

Wow LOOK! That’s a lot of spots!!

Lisa Lollipopmobile

Lisa Lollipopmobile

The first correct entry will win a FREE Lisa Lollipop Party worth up to £155!!!

Send your answer (the total number of spots) to with the date and place you saw the Lollipopmobile for your chance to win!

Good luck!

Terms & conditions apply.