This week you rated Lisa Lollipop…..

7 Oct 2012 – Lisa Lollipop Received all 5 out of 5!

Some comments:

“Hi Lisa I would like to rate the party a 5. Iona loved every minute of it and you made her feel so special. Loads of parents have said what a great time their children had and I know that one has already booked you for a party in February.”

“Hi Lisa, I just wanted to thank you again for the party this afternoon. Anna had a fantastic time and a few of Anna’s friends said it was the best party ever. Struggled to get the girls faces washed, they wanted to keep their faces painted.”

“Mark out of 5? That’s an easy question, 5! Anna had the “best time ever” and given the volume so did everyone else. Will not hesitate in recommending you to friends.”

“I would rate the party as a 5. Kids all had a great time even the 10 year olds who were only meant to be there to help with the younger ones. Thank you again. Gwen x”


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